Repairing Your Commercial Steel Doors

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Repairing Your Commercial Steel Doors

28 July 2022
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Rolling steel doors are among the most secure options that a business can choose to install. While durable and secure, steel doors can experience damages that will need to be repaired. Due to the strong materials and the design of these doors, many of the damages and other issues that they suffer will have to be repaired by a professional contractor.

Repairing Steel Doors That Were Subject To Breach Attempts

While steel doors are extremely resistant to breach attempts, individuals may still attempt to gain entry to the building through force. In these situations, the steel door may be able to resist these attempts, but it could suffer significant damage in the process. For example, it may suffer extensive dents or even warping along the edges of the door. When the door is designed in a series of sections or panels, it may be possible to replace the damaged panels while leaving the rest of the door intact. However, if your door does not use this design approach, it may be necessary to fully replace the door to restore the security that it was providing.

Addressing The Damages Strong Storms Can Cause To The Steel Doors

Criminals attempting to force their way through the doors are not the only potential source of damage to these doors. It is also possible for strong storms to cause a number of different issues for these doors that may have to be professionally repaired. One example of this type of damage is can be the door being warped by impacts from large pieces of debris. In extreme cases, especially strong gusts of wind may be able to cause similar damage to these doors. If your area experiences a hurricane or tornado, having the steel door assessed for damage should be a step that is taken soon after the event passes. This will identify alignment issues or other potentially subtle damages that could have occurred to the door during the weather event.

Corrosion Removal And Repair

Steel doors will be treated so that they are resistant to corrosion forming on them. However, it can still be possible for these doors to eventually develop corrosion problems over the years. These problems can impact the appearance of the doors, but they can also contribute to the doors becoming weaker. If the corrosion is along the edges of the door, it could also lead to the metal swelling and no longer fitting in the railing. A commercial steel door repair contractor can effectively remove the layer of corrosion and apply a coating to protect the metal from the moisture causing corrosion in the future.