Common Repairs For Inconsistent Water Heater Temperature

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Common Repairs For Inconsistent Water Heater Temperature

27 January 2023
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Many homeowners are intimidated by their water heaters, mostly out of fear of explosions, leaks, or burns. You become accustomed to the performance of your water heater and may not really give it much thought aside from that. However, when your water heater starts operating inconsistently or unpredictably, that often means that it's time to call a technician for repair. One of the most common problems with hot water heaters is insufficient temperature regulation. Here are a few of the most common reasons for temperature regulation issues with your hot water heater.

Pilot Light Issues

Whether the pilot light burner itself is dirty from soot and fuel-burning byproducts or the fuel jets are clogged from debris in the gas line, these problems can disrupt the pilot light's operation in a gas water heater. When your pilot light is inconsistent, the water heater won't function the way that it should, so you will get inconsistent heating in your water. You'll need a technician to service the burner and clean the jets properly to restore the pilot light to its proper operation.

Heating Element Failure

Electric water heaters don't have a pilot light to control the heating system. Instead, they rely on a series of heating elements to control the water temperature. Over time, those heating elements can fail. If your electric hot water heater is inconsistent or takes much longer to heat water than it used to, have a repair technician inspect and replace the heating elements inside the tank. New elements will often resolve the problem and return your hot water to its reliable, consistent supply.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat in every hot water heater is responsible for determining the temperature of the water in the tank and heating that water to the predetermined temperature based on the water heater's settings. Over time, the thermostat can suffer wear and tear that may disrupt its proper response to water temperature. Whether your water is not as hot as it should be or seems much hotter than it was in the past, there's a good chance that the thermostat may be to blame. The good news is that a water heater repair technician can test and replace the thermostat easily to get your water heater functioning properly again.

These are the most common reasons for inconsistent water temperature. Talk with an A.O.Smith 24/7 repair technician near you today about the problems you're having with your hot water.