Restoring Your Building After Water Damage Occurs

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Restoring Your Building After Water Damage Occurs

6 December 2022
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If your building has suffered widespread water damage, restoring it will require you to be proactive and to have a basic understanding of the types of threats and challenges that water damage restoration projects can pose. 

Water Damage From Sewage Lines Can Require More Surfaces To Be Replaced

The source of the water that has flooded your home can be a major determining factor in the extent of the repairs that will be required. For example, water from sewage lines can be a major source of contamination for porous surfaces. These surfaces can trap bacteria that will be extremely difficult to fully sanitize, which can lead to the area remaining unsafe. In particular, carpet and drywall can be two surfaces that will often have to be replaced if substantial flooding from sewage systems occurs. While this can be a more costly repair and restoration option, it can be critical for removing the harmful bacteria that could put the building's occupants at risk.

Standing Water In Your Building Can Pose Several Safety Hazards

If there is a large amount of standing water in your building, there are several ways that it could pose significant safety risks. One that individuals may not realize at the time is the fact that the standing water could potentially carry electrical current from outlets or other components of the building's electrical system. Additionally, the weight of the water could exceed the building's design limits, which may increase the risk of a sudden structural failure. Due to the unique hazards that large amounts of standing water in your building could pose, you may want to avoid the structure and allow a water damage restoration service to handle the damage assessment and repairs.

Homes With Fire Damage May Also Need Water Damage Restoration Work

Individuals may assume that flooding is the only time when their building will require water damage restoration. However, this is also often needed after the building has suffered minor fire damage. In these situations, overhead sprinklers may have activated to extinguish the small fire, which could have caused widespread water damage in the room where this occurred. Furthermore, the water in the sprinkler system could be extremely dirty, which could further complicate the cleanup process. Not surprisingly, building owners will often hire a professional water damage restoration service to complete these repairs. Many water damage restoration services can also provide assistance with smoke damage cleanup, which may make it convenient to address both of these types of fire damage.

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