Iphone Getting Older? 2 Problems To Watch Out For And Tips To Get It Repaired

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Iphone Getting Older? 2 Problems To Watch Out For And Tips To Get It Repaired

3 June 2022
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If you have an iPhone and it is getting older, it may start having problems as all phones eventually do. Many problems can be repaired, however, so you won't have to worry about spending a lot of money replacing your phone with a new one. Keep reading for two common problems that can happen with an older iPhone.

Cracked Screen 

A screen can crack if you drop your phone on a hard surface facedown, especially if it is from a far distance. The only way to prevent this from happening is to use a good screen protector on your phone. A good screen protector may crack but the screen will stay intact and free from all damage. You can crack a new iPhone screen just as easily as you can an older one, but you can still get it repaired.

Do not continue using an iPhone with a cracked screen if there are a lot of cracks. If you do, you may cause internal damage resulting in you having to replace the phone with a new one. It can be difficult to repair the screen yourself. There are repair kits that you can purchase if you have experience. 

If you do not want to do this on your own, take your iPhone to a shop that repairs screens. Some will do it on the spot, or you may have to mail your phone in to have it repaired. The screen will look completely brand new again when you get your phone back. 


Over time the battery will become worse and eventually you will not be able to charge your iPhone at all. Many people may choose to get a new iPhone at this point. You do not have to as you can replace the battery with a new one. This will give your iPhone new life so it will last much longer for you. You can check the battery health on your iPhone by looking at the settings. It starts out at 100% and goes down a little at a time the longer you have your phone. If you see the percentage is low, you can expect the battery to go out soon.

To replace the battery, you must open the phone completely. This can be difficult, and you must have the right tools. There are shops that can replace the battery for you. When finished, you will notice your battery health is back to around 100% again. A new battery is much cheaper than replacing your phone and can help it last much longer. 

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