Put Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage: Here's Why

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Put Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage: Here's Why

9 March 2022
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Epoxy flooring can be a great way to spruce up your garage and give it a new appeal. Epoxy flooring should only be installed by a professional repair and restoration specialist or a commercial flooring technician because epoxy can be hard to work with and chemical reactions can occur if you're not careful. It's also a costly investment to do an epoxy floor, and if you don't know what you're doing you can accidentally damage your floors and ruin the supplies and equipment you've purchased.

There are a few applications or styles of epoxy floors you can consider for your garage or other concrete flooring in your home — like your basement — and here are reasons why epoxy floors are a great home renovation idea.

You increase the appeal of your floors

Concrete isn't very inspiring on its own, and while it does a great job of giving your garage, basement, or other unfinished area of your home a solid flooring medium, it is absorbent and can be hard to keep clean. It's also not very attractive by itself and leaves a room always feeling unfinished despite other efforts to keep the property looking modern and upgraded.

When you have epoxy flooring put in, you increase the appeal of your floors. Epoxy flooring is comprised of layers of epoxy with either epoxy flakes, specks of materials, or even just dyed epoxy colors. The result is a floor you can be proud of that won't look like concrete and will have a solid, shining finish.

You increase the safety of your floors

If you cover your concrete floors in your garage, basement, or other area of your home, you help make them safer. First, you help make cleanup of spills easier because epoxy isn't absorbent the way concrete is. Secondly, you can have grit or grain put in your epoxy flooring finish to give the floor greater traction if this is a concern. Third, you make the floor very visible so those transitioning from carpet to the epoxy floor can prepare and maintain balance.

How much your epoxy flooring installation will cost is dependent on a few factors, with the square footage being covered being the main cost factor. Another one is the type of epoxy designs you want. The more ornate you want your floors to be, the more expensive your epoxy flooring installation can cost. Your flooring specialist will give you a good faith estimate on your flooring installation so you can budget accordingly. Contact a company like Tillotson Enterprise Inc for more information.