Is It Okay to Patch a Leaky Roof Instead of Replacing It?

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Is It Okay to Patch a Leaky Roof Instead of Replacing It?

9 March 2022
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Replacing an old roof can be costly, and not everyone has enough money to take on such a large project. If you're in a bind financially, but your roof is showing signs of aging, you have options.

While it's best to consult a roofing repair service for advice, patching is an option you can discuss if you're not quite ready to replace the roof.

What Is Patching of Damaged Areas

You can hire someone to patch your roof or, if you feel comfortable, do it yourself. Patching damaged areas is a great way to buy time for an older roof. Patching means replacing a few shingles and not the entire roof. This works well for minor holes or leaks. For larger holes or damage, a large patch of tiles requires replacement.

This is more involved and often requires the work of a professional roofer. A roofer uses primer and adhesives to seal damage, but for larger patches and the entire section needs replacing, which means more work and materials.

Is Patching Worth It?

While patching is likely a temporary solution to the problem, it helps take care of the damage immediately to avoid further damage to yoru home. Patching is worth it if you require time to make decisions and come up with the money needed to have a new roof installed.

Your local roofing repair service provides inspections and estimates to help you decide if a patch is ok for now, and what your next steps should be.

How Long Does a Patch Last?

Patches are temporary fixes, so don't expect them to last forever. However, a patching job gives you time to find the money necessary to pay for a new roof.

Patches on patches are not ideal, but roofers can do this.  When you keep adding new roofing materials to old ones, it adds weight to the roof, so it can negatively affect your home's structure. So, don't expect to continue adding patching work without maybe removing old, damaged shingles first. A roofer can decide how to avoid problems with a second patch.

The best place to start with roofing questions is a call to a local roof repair service in your area. The type of damage and the extent helps a professional determine if a patch going to work for you. If not, a roofer can get you options on how best to deal with your roofing issues, so that you don't wind up with more damage from a leaking roof.