4 Dangers of a Flooded Basement and the Importance of Water Damage Restoration

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4 Dangers of a Flooded Basement and the Importance of Water Damage Restoration

4 March 2022
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The location and design of most basements make them highly susceptible to floods. But if you think basement floods can only happen during the rainy season, this is not always the case. Due to sewer backup or pipe leaks, basement floods may occur when you least expect it. If your basement is flooded, you should stop everything and call water damage restoration experts to come and clean up your home. 

If you are still wondering whether a flooded basement calls for immediate intervention, read on to learn the four dangers you risk if you delay water damage restoration.

1. Structural Damage

If a flooded basement is left unattended, water will start to seep into your walls and structurally weaken them. Weak walls could collapse anytime and cause serious injuries and property damage. Also, floodwater can compromise the foundation and make your home sink or tilt. Simply put, the longer floodwater sits on your basement, the higher the chances of your home sustaining structural damage. However, you can always call in water damage restoration experts to dry the water immediately.

2. Respiratory Risks

 Flooded basements create favorable conditions for mold infestation. And it will quickly spread to other parts of your home. When you inhale with mold spores, you could develop respiratory disorders such as congestion, sneezing, coughing, and chest pain. The risk is even higher for people with asthma. This makes it all the more crucial that you seek water damage restoration services without delay. The experts will use high-tech equipment to extract water, dry up, dehumidify, and sanitize your home to ensure it is mold-free.

3. Sewage Exposure

As mentioned, not all basement floods are caused by rainwater. Sometimes they can be caused by a sewer backup. Well, raw sewage is the last thing you want in your home. Besides being extremely disgusting, sewage exposes you and your family to disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella and E-Coli. These bacteria can cause diarrhea, headaches, loss of appetite, or fever. Do not try to get rid of sewage water on your own; you will further increase the risk of contamination. Leave the dirty work to water damage restoration experts who can safely extract the sewage water and dry up your basement.

4. Risks of Electrocution

The floodwater in your basement could also cause electrocution injuries if it is in contact with a live wire. Never take your chances with electrified flood water. It pays to call water damage restoration services to handle the project on your behalf. The specialists are trained to deal with the risks of electrocution, and they can ask the utility company to switch off the electricity for a safer restoration.

If your home basement floods, your best option to save your family from the above dangers is to seek water damage restoration services right away. The water damage experts have the right tools and skills to safely and promptly extract water from your home and fix the damages.